A Steak PSA

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A Steak PSA

In any customer service business, every item you buy has a percentage of cost increase from the price in which the business purchased the item from their vendor.  Obviously this is a good thing because it allows the business to make enough profit to pay employees, maintain the business, and grow it.

Even restaurants do this, for the same reasons.  However, if you see a restaurant pushing their steak really hard there is a good chance the cut of steak isn’t great.  This is especially true for restaurants that don’t label what cut of steak they are serving you, the menu just says “steak”.  This is a way to optimize profit on a popular menu item.

Cheap cost for a cheap steak + Huge percentage increase = profit.

But for those of you who don’t want to get scammed watch for these things:

1. Cut of steak compared to price.

2. The price differences between each cut of meat.

3. How hard is the restaurant pushing their steak.

4. If it just says “steak” with no indication as to what kind I’d stay away from it.

When you get your cut of steak pay attention to marbling, grissel, size, and tenderness.  Marbling should be there, but not so much it takes over the meat.  Grissel should be low (fatty and tendony edges), size is dependent upon cut of meat… but if you get a small T-Bone or a huge Mignon you should be concerned.  Last, tenderness is also determined by cut.  Higher marbling = more tender higher fat and lower marbling = more tough, less fatty.  Certain cuts are more and less marbled so if you order a cut you know is lower fat but it has a lot of marbling, that’s not a good steak.

Second Steak PSA:

Kobe beef IS ILLEGAL IN THE STATES.  Anytime you order Kobe it is either not real Kobe beef or it’s illegally imported from over seas.

Filet Mignon is usually way over priced for what you get.  If you can’t cut it with your fork it’s probably not a good cut, or it isn’t real Filet Mignon at all.  There are plenty of ways restaurants have faked Mignons, such as taking a cheaper cut and shaping it into the size of a Mignon, searing all sides, and serving it at a 500% price increase.

Hope this helps your pocket book a little when you go out to eat!  Impress your date with knowledge and good food… not buying into a steak scam.  There are plenty of places that serve great steaks, honestly, with decent pricing… but just pay attention.  If you ever pay 50 dollars for a steak with lots of grissel, too much marbling, or is too small, you’ve been had.

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